You Can Rent An Entire Island In Norway With Incredible Views Of The Northern Lights

Imagine a place with no cars, no shops and barely any people. This haven is quiet and serene, and it exists right here on Earth. It’s an isolated island in the Fleinvær archipelago in Norway above the Arctic Circle. It’s also available for rent.

The remote island is home to Fordypningsrommet, which translates to “room for deeper studies.” Musician and composer Håvard Lund dreamed up this unique tiny house retreat. Then, he collaborated with Tyin Tegnestue Archtects and Rintala Eggertsson Architects to make it a reality.

Creative Cabins

Inspired by the archipelago’s wild beauty and coastal scenery, the team designed the contemporary buildings with fellow artists in mind. As a result, they offer the time and space for creativity to flow.

The retreat includes 10 different buildings tucked into rocky outcroppings. Each one is thoughtfully designed to serve a different function. There are five private sleeping huts that can sleep a total of 10 to 15 people. Each one includes a variety of bed configurations. But no matter how many people you bring along, your group will have the whole retreat to themselves.

The remaining five buildings are shared spaces. There is a living/studio cabin, a kitchen and dining cottage, a bathhouse, a sauna and a sky house.

In fact, the wood-fired sauna is located right on the pier. So, if it gets too toasty, you can cool off with an icy plunge into the nearby sea.

Room with a View

The sky house is the standout amenity. You can’t miss it. It’s an elevated tiny house featuring a wall of windows offering unobstructed views of the sea.

It’s sole purpose is for sitting and thinking. Naturally, Visit Norway recommends sipping a glass of wine and soaking up the sights, like the Northern Lights, from this prime spot.

It’s also the perfect spot for a creative spark. Artists can apply for a free weeklong residency program. In return for the complimentary stay, the retreat requests artists exhibit one of their creations or speak about their work.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can rent out the cozy community throughout the year. The full retreat runs around $3,500 a week. You can hire a caretaker to help with meals and additional services or opt to self-cater for the ultimate in seclusion.

Environmentally Friendly

You can feel good about your stay, too. From its start, the project has prioritized the environment. The architects opted for multiple cottages instead of a larger single structure to minimize its impact. Each building is made of Kebony wood, which is a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. Additionally, the drinking water comes from desalinated seawater and roof water.

Arctic Hideaway

When you need to get off the grid and away from it all, you know exactly where to go.

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